Forced Marriage


Who decides who you marry?


"Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses." (Article 16(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)


Everyone has the right to choose who they marry. This applies to girls as well as boys, regardless of nationality, religion, skin color and age.



Unfortunately, the reality is often different. It happens in all countries and cultures that young people are married against their will. In Germany, too, young people suffer from the consequences of a forced marriage.

Love can never be forced!


Poster: “Who decides who you marry” by courtesy of Terre des Femmes.

For a long time, victims of forced marriage oscillate between the desire to please their parents and their own need to determine their own future. They often express themselves to their families very late or very insufficiently that they do not agree with a marriage. They often hesitate for a long time before contacting a third party for help.


The goal of our consultation is to encourage young women to trust their own feelings about marriage or partnership and to strengthen their self-confidence. Depending on the circumstances of each case, this may initially involve encouraging them to express their opposition to their parents and to explore possible courses of action. The sooner this happens, the sooner it will be possible to find a solution that the parents may be able to support.


We provide information about all the options the girl has in Germany if the family continues to insist on the forced marriage.


It is important to inform them about the legal situation, to show all kinds of support and mediation of suitable protection facilities.


Accordingly, the top priority is to assure them of protection and confidentiality, as well as anonymous consultation. Sessions should be held with the victims alone, in the absence of any family members who may be involved.


Consultation can take place in person in German, Turkish or English.


Psychosocial Consultation

Our target groups:

  • All girls and young women

  • Girls and women affected by domestic violence

  • Girls and women with a migration background

  • Schoolgirls


We consult:

  • in emergency situations

  • in identity crises

  • in family conflicts

  • in cases of domestic violence

  • in matters of partnership

  • in case of (threatened) forced marriage

  • crisis intervention

  • in case of school problems


The goal is to work out possible solutions together with the clients in order to expand their capacity to act and to strengthen their individual assets and self-confidence as women.


Appointments can only be arranged by telephone.

Tel: 030 618 73 83