Education is the key to emancipation and integration.

For self-determined participation in social life, migrant women need special support for access to education and the labor market.

With our low-threshold, gender-specific services, we also reach women who, under other conditions, would not take advantage of support measures that they urgently need.

Many migrant women are unfamiliar with educational activities. Other women, on the other hand, feel inhibited in courses that do not take into account the fact that they speak German as a foreign language.




One of our goals is to concretely improve the educational and training situation of young migrant women.

Many studies have repeatedly shown that our target group - girls and young women with a migration background from educationally disadvantaged families - do not have the same educational opportunities compared to other young people. That is why this work is particularly close to our hearts. In this way, we want to lift the educational disadvantage for some female students and give them the motivation and opportunity not only to achieve a good school degree, but also to educate themselves entirely.

With the combination of learning support, support for German language skills, career orientation and future planning, learning in a trusting atmosphere and the involvement of parents and their close social environment, we want to increase the educational opportunities of those girls and young women.