Consultation - Information - Support - Empowerment

These are important prerequisites for being able to participate in social life on an equal footing. Migrant women and girls with a migration background have a special need for information and consultation.

Principles of Consultation

    • The low-threshold character of our consultation includes, among others, the preservation of anonymity.

    • We provide advice mainly in the native language of our visitors.

    • Our consultation is intercultural mediating between different cultures.

    • It takes the respective legal requirements and consequences into account.

    • It takes place in a confidential environment.

Successful Consultation

The success of a consultation depends not only on the professional competence of the consultant, but also on her intercultural competence, in order to work out specific, culturally conditioned solution possibilities.

The trust of the migrant in the commitment and professionalism of the consultant is very important for the success of a consultation.



  • Consultation for Women

  • Consultation for Girls