Support against Violence

We consult women, who are affected by domestic violence, in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations or also online and on the phone.

In the conversation, the problem or violent situation is reported, the woman to be consulted is psychologically strengthened, the problem areas are sorted, various possibilities of possible accommodation are pointed out and the problem solution is worked on together.

If necessary, the solution to the problem can be worked out in several sessions. The consultation includes:


  • Strengthening and information (proactive approach)

  • Crisis intervention

  • Accommodation options (shelters, women's refuges)

Consultation regarding the following forms of violence:


  • physical violence

  • psychological violence

  • sexual violence

  • isolation

  • crisis intervention

Psychosocial Consultation

Our target groups are:

  • women

  • women affected by domestic violence

  • women with migration background


We consult:

  • in emergency situations

  • in identity crises

  • in family conflicts

  • in cases of domestic violence

  • in matters of partnership

  • in case of (threatened) forced marriage

  • crisis intervention

  • in case of school problems

The goal is to work out possible solutions together with the clients in order to expand their capacity to act and to strengthen their individual assets and self-confidence as women.


Appointments can only be arranged by telephone.

Tel: 030 618 73 83