Even after 40 years of the women's movement and despite gender mainstreaming, gender-differentiated work with girls and young women is still essential.

The use of protected, gender-homogeneous spaces is of additional importance for young women who have grown up or are growing up with values that are conflicting with social norms  in an intercultural context and whose lives are determined by those conflicting values and structural disadvantages.


We offer girls and young women the necessary free space in which they can:

  • move outside the ascribed and demanded role expectations, 
  • be supported in their schooling and vocational training,
  • be confidentially advised on intimate and private problems.

Our learning support / schoolwork help / support lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday from 5 to 8 pm in our room in the MehrGenerationenHaus Wassertor, Wassertorstr.48, 10969 Berlin.





Girls' Get-together


A girls' group meets every Thursday. There are also regular joint events and activities.


The pedagogical work with young women and girls includes among other things:

  • Social pedagogical group work
  • Schoolwork help - Learning strategies - Support lessons
  • Vocational orientation
  • Visits to cultural events
  • Individual support

The individual support is a combined form of counseling and support in particularly difficult life situations of the young women, which can have a personality-destroying effect, e.g.:

  • Problems with parents and family
  • Bullying at school
  • Situation before and after forced marriage
  • Threat of being abducted to the country of origin
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts
  • Domestic violence

We try to give the young women a firm hold, to sort out and tackle their problems with our support. Unfortunately, there are still girls and young women who are threatened by forced marriage.


In the group discussions, among other things, the different values of different cultural backgrounds are discussed.


During the corona pandemic period, all group and individual activities take place in compliance with distance and hygiene regulations.