Elişi Evi e.V. was founded in 1983 by teachers and social pedagogues of the neighboring Refik Veseli School, Skalitzerstraße in Berlin Kreuzberg, to offer women and girls with a migration background a "space of their own".

Our mission statement:

Every girl and woman, regardless of their ethnic, cultural, religious and social background, their individual skills and abilities, is welcome in our institution.

We provide a climate of trust, in which girls and women can contact us with their concerns, desires and needs for guidance, assistance, supervision and education, in a place where they feel they are in good hands.

We treat each other with tolerance, respect and appreciation.

Our institution is characterized by a wide range of educational and consulting services, with which we take into account the individual needs and abilities of girls and women, motivate and encourage them.

We help girls and women find their way in everyday life with the help of the German language. It is important to us to support girls and women in developing their individual potentials and to promote and strengthen their self-confidence and independence with the aim of achieving their equal participation in society.

We consider education to be the key to freedom, equal opportunities and participation in society.

Our services are based on the current social situation and the individual needs of the girls and women who come to us.



The employees of our institution see us as a team. Together, we bear responsibility and follow visions. Cooperation and networking with other institutions are a central component of our work.

To achieve this goal, the Elişi Evi project offers:

Workshops - also in schools
Schoolwork help / support lessons
Vocational orientation

We cooperate with many facilities and institutions.

We are particularly closely networked with the institutions and actors of the Forum Berliner MigrantinnenProjekte, the Berliner Arbeitskreis gegen Zwangsverheiratung, the MehrGenerationenHaus Wassertor 48 e.V., the Familien- und Nachbarschaftszentrum Wrangelkiez in Cuvrystr. 13-14, the Bona Peiser Sozio-kulturelle Projekträume, the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße, the Melanchthon-Church und the SPD district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. 

Together, we advocate for social conditions that enable our target group to lead a self-determined life and to participate in social opportunities on an equal footing.


Der ParitätischeWe are a member of the German PARITÄTISCHEN Association.

Elişi Evi is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Work, Social, Equality, Integration, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination / Section for Women and Equality.

Our integration courses are sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


We are a member of the Forum Berliner Migratinnen Projekte.


Stiftung MarksteinTwo afternoons of our learning support for girls are sponsored by the Markstein Foundation.